Equine Therapy International are suppliers of the Activo-Med – a range of advanced equine therapy systems combining Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage blankets, boots, pads and light therapy devices. Activo-Med is for use both pre- and post-exercise as well as for rehabilitation. To learn more about the products please call +1 (215) 305 8770, or email info@equinetherapyint.com www.equinetherapyint.com 

Hit-Air is the original Air Vest. Tests have shown Hit-Air vests and jackets reduce head acceleration by more than 50% and body acceleration by over 70%.

Sagmae brings expertise and outstanding service in saddle fitting and tack. Sagmae carries Butet tack & saddles, Dy'on tack & accessories, Erreplus saddles & Lorenzini stirrups.

Seminole Feed® is a family-owned company whose feeds are milled in the all-natural, non-medicated Seminole Feed® mill in downtown Ocala. Seminole’s equine nutrition product line includes its wide range of signature premium and super premium horse feeds, in addition to nine products in the Seminole Wellness® line. 

Since 2005, Zandonà has guaranteed excellence in the design and implementation of Personal Protection Equipment for equestrian use, exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy. 

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Technological advances in data management have increased exponentially in the past decade and will continue to advance in the future. Founded in 2016, it is the mission of EquestFile to bring equine data management up to the technological standards and advances of today and grow with their growth. Organize your barn, your horses' important information, barn life, riding schedule and so much more. Start with a free 14-day trial!

High quality screen printing and embroidery. Showcase your own logo or that of your supporters on saddle pads, duffels, horsewear, stall guards, clothing and more for effective marketing and sponsor appreciation.